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World Bank Group

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Multilateral Financial Institutions


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The Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance Program (DRFIP) by the World Bank helps countries ensure that their populations are financially protected in the event of a disaster. Through funding and expertise, DRFI supports countries to develop and implement tailored financial protection strategies that increase the ability of national and local governments, homeowners, businesses, agricultural producers, and low income populations to respond more quickly and resiliently to disasters.

Instruments Available

IDA Immediate Response Mechanism
Type of instrument: Emergency response

WBG Catastrophe Bonds
Type of instrument: Bond

WBG Catastrophe Deferred Drawdown Option (Cat DDO)
Type of instrument: Loan

WBG Crisis Response Window (CRW)
Type of instrument:

WBG Global Risk Financing Facility (GRiF)
Type of instrument: Grant

Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF)
Type of instrument: Bond

Contingent Emergency Response Component
Type of instrument: Loan